TALK RADIO (an opera)

Video from a recent rehearsal of TALK RADIO ahead of the 4/19 performance at the wulf.:

Performed by Rick Bahto, Liam Mooney, Stephanie Smith, Christine Tavolacci, Colin Wambsgans, Michael Winter, Andrew Young.

4/19, LA: new work for voices, percussion @ the wulf.

casey anderson: voices, percussion
the wulf., Los Angeles

Four new and recent works:

TALK RADIO (2011), a radio-driven opera in which the actions taken by each performer are dictated via uncoordinated, quasi-random scanning of frequencies (monitored via headphones).

false positives (2015), an in-progress circuit for amplified percussion quartet and tuning forks.

SLIPS (2015), in which a text is distorted via loosely synchronized extensions to vowels or sibilants.

KARAOKE (2015), a loosely synchronized assemblage of “inside out karaoke” (or perhaps “car karaoke”) performances, i.e. quasi-private…

4/1, LA: The Southland Ensemble Plays Early Robert Ashley

REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA
$25 / $20 / $12

Southland Ensemble, L.A.’s fast-rising experimental music collective, offers an intense portrait concert of the early oeuvre of Robert Ashley (1930–2014), a restless innovator of American music. Although the composer is best known for his later operas and theatrical works, the group focuses on a collection of seldom-performed compositions from the 1960s—
work thought to be more conceptual than musical. The ensemble sets out 

yacht club (slices)

The most recent iteration of an ongoing project based on “slicing” field recordings:

EMY goes to Chicago (6/25, 6/26)

Olivia Block, Scott Cazan, Nomi Epstein, John P. Hastings, and I are presenting two concerts in Chicago as part of issue 2014 of the Experimental Music Yearbook.

June 25th
Anderson/Cazan/Hastings (EMY Editors), Troy Shafer, Katherine Young
Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL

This event, curated by Olivia Block, features new work by the editors of the Experimental Music Yearbook, John P. Hastings (Brooklyn)/Casey Anderson (Los Angeles)/Scott Cazan (Los Angeles), as well as performances by Troy Shafer (Chicago), and Katherine Young (Chicago).

June 26th (10)…

west cost soundings, edition wandelweiser records

I am happy to announce that west coast soundings, a recording project by Frank Gratkowski, Lucia Mense, Anton Lukoszevieze, Seth Josel, and hans w. koch for Edition Wandelweiser Records, is now available to order here and here.

The 2xCD collection contains new and recent work by students of Jim Tenney and Michael Pisaro, including one of my first pieces for radios, “possible dust.” To say that the recordings are anything short of pristine, that the performances are…

4/12 (Cologne, DE): west coast soundings/emy

April 12th
WEST COAST SOUNDINGS / the experimental music yearbook
Kolomba, Kolumbastraße 4 – D-50667, Cologne, Germany

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung von Bruno Jakob, für dessen Malerei John Cage ein wichtiger Bezugspunkt ist, spielen unter dem Titel WEST COAST SOUNDINGS fünf Musiker Stücke aus dem »experimental music yearbook«. Diese Onlinepublikation ist ein wahrer Fundus an Partituren von jungen Komponisten, die am California Institute of the Arts bei James Tenney und Michael Pisaro studiert haben und durch ihren experimentellen Umgang mit Musik…